Simple Weight Loss Tips

There is no secret for losing weight. The old accepted wisdom still holds true: eat right and exercise. If you can commit to these two things over a long period, then you should see gradual improvements in your physique. There are plenty of books on the subject and you can also get advice from your doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer. A few tips and tricks can help you obtain great results. These life hacks are simple but they can make your goals so much easier to reach. Let’s look at four of them below in detail.

Drinking More Water

Always have a bottle of water handy. It will make you feel full much quicker so you won’t crave more food. Use pure water with no additives as much as possible. Juice, soda, beer, tea, and the like contain sugar or other things that may not be good when consumed in large quantities. You see it written everywhere that people should drink 8-10 glasses every day but this is just for the average person. Some may need more and there is little risk when it comes to increased consumption. Just be sure to spread it out over the day and not drink so much in one sitting.

Get Smaller Plates

If you are eating at home, then try to switch from your regular plates to smaller ones. We have a tendency to fill whatever container we have even if it is sometimes excessive. We can control portions better if you start with a smaller plate as there will be less space to put food in. It may sound so obvious but few realize this until told. It’s really more psychological as we are tricking the brain into thinking that we have already filled our plate and are getting a lot of food. It’s better than having a large plate with noticeable empty spaces.

Eat Fiber-rich Food

Fiber tends to expand when it reaches our gut. This makes us feel full despite eating just a little bit of food. Add fiber-rich items to your grocery list for your next shopping schedule. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources. Slice a few and make these your snacks. Mix some into your meals. If you prefer to consume them in liquid form, then use a blend and not a juicer. The latter will strip all of the fiber and leave you with just the liquid extracts. You are likely to consume more in this state which means more calories. Use a blender to keep everything intact.

Cook at Home

It may be more convenient to eat outside or have food delivered to your place but these will not help with your weight loss goals. You do not know what goes into these items. It would be better to cook at home as you have total control over the ingredients. Find recipes and videos that demonstrate how to prepare quick meals. Some take as little as 10-15 minutes to prepare. That’s faster than your average delivery guy.